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If you got a problem, Yo! We’ll solve it

Check out the Q's while SR resolves it

How do I sign up?

Find a run on the Calendar, Community Run, or SR Events page. RSVP and show up!

I'm too slow to run with you

That’s not a question.

All “runners” join us. Even if you walk you can still be a Social Runner. Our Community Runs are designed so those working up to a distance can go as much or as little as they want.

Why do you take a group picture?

Social Accountability. You said you were going to come, so show people you followed through!

When your friends see you’re officially a “runner” they will ask you running questions, then join. It’s the circle of Social Running™

Are you a non-profit?

Although the majority of our runs are FREE, and we partner with several non-profit and community organizations, the short answer is no. We are listed as a for-profit company according to the government. If you enjoy our FREE runs and how we strive to bring people to the running community, help support us by attending an event or buying some merchandise.

How much does it cost?

First and foremost we are a FREE club. You can come run with us if you are Jane Doe or Joe Blow. We are INCLUSIVE of all levels, all abilities, and won’t charge you to find out.

We do put on events that cost money, those vary in offerings so check the event details for exact pricing.

Can I start my own Social Running?

We love supporting the community of running and growing it! Although the name Social Running™ is trademarked you are welcome to start your own running club. If you want to start your own Social Running™ Club however, please contact us to find out how you may be able to become a satellite location.

Where are you located?

Whenever a running shoe hits the ground, we are there.

Wherever a PR is broken, we are there.

Wherever a sweaty high-five gets thrown, we are there.

We don’t have a physical office yet, but check the Calendar to see where we may be from time to time!

How did you start?

We wanted to run with friends, meet new people, and exercise in a supportive and congratulatory environment. We couldn’t find that, so we started it in April 2013. Many miles later we are still running along!

Can I ask another question?

Yes. Is that your question?

Connect with us on Facebook or via Email if you can’t find what you’re looking for.